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14/ - Sh*t CNBLUE Says: Lee Jonghyun: “abcdefg”


I’ve never laughed harder in my life

[TRANS] Taemin talking about a subgroup with Kai

I really like the performance with Kai. Of course, Kai is busy. I don't have enough time too. We also can't coordinate the time. Feel a little pity about this. But next time if we have the chance we will do it again. Also, i can help Kai. Not in the "feat" form, want to make the performance which needs the two of us together on the stage so it can be performed. If there's any chance, i would like to make a subgroup with Kai.

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Among CNBLUE, are there any members who walk around only in their underwear?

cnblue @ summer sonic fest


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taemin’s 1st win ㅠㅠ ♡

Favorite #WINNER5thWin moments
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Korean celebrities doing the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge"

Kris Renren update 121115


吴亦凡:同一片天空 同样的星空吗?妈妈说阴天就看不见星星了,可是我记忆里的每一天都是晴天呢 而且以后…也会是晚安 my every you 作者:我


Arent the sky and the stars in the sky the same? Mom said that when it’s cloudy the stars can no longer be seen , but in my memory everyday are clear ones – but also afterwards… they are all Good nights. Goodnight my every you. Author: Me