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[140920 YongHwa at Kimpo airport heading to Japan]
cr: Twitter@eri3232,@sabaeJYH

Goodbye to our 2Young couple~ Thank you for all the feels!!!


 140914 YGFAMCON in SG  , Jinwoo & Seunghoon are dancing salsa © germaine

why did he feel the need to smack the camera? 

the beautiful view up Jung Yonghwa’s nose

140918 MNET’s twitter update




TRANS: This is #WINNER subunit, #SeungSeungJin! They’re congratulating #TTS by copying exact poses of their seniors! 

Translated by fy-winner

Jungshin & his Baby #HappyJungshinDay

[Twitter|Trans] Troll JongHyun On The Roll


@cnbluegt: @MentalShin Simba-ya (Go) bite Appa!!!

@cnbluegt: @MentalShin 심바야 아빠물어!!!

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@Mentalshin: 산책나왔다고~킁킁킁 아빠어깨아파 킁킁킁할머니품안에~킁킁킁 킁킁킁 킁킁킁



@cnbluegt: @JYHeffect Jung YongHwashii why did you imitate my hair ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

WINNER, ladies and gentlemen…

Sweaty Minhyuk casually walking through a room like…

15/ - Sh*t CNBLUE Says: Lee Jungshin (to Minhyuk): “I love how I look like a squid next to you.”

Submitted by moanhyuk and thegirlnoonesees 

[Twitter|Trans] Happy Birthday Lee JungShin


@MentalShin: @cnbluegt Where did the sound of hiphop that I like go.I wish you didn’t do that, hyung. It’s not fun and it’s not touching either…

@MentalShin: 어디가서 힙합좋아한다는소리는 안했으면 좋겠어형 재미도없고 감동도 없고…

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Jonghyun was playing with words.